dhru fusion

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    Request Remove all IMEI / Server Services only one Supplier

    We have a lot of suppliers and sometimes we need to close business with one of them. so please add this feature to remove one supplier imei / server services remove with one click
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    Request Add Thank You Page For Retail Purchases

    Add a thank you page for retail orders when they are delivered or invoice is paid. This will make the purchase flow more legitimate & smoother.
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    Bug Quickpay payment method is outdated and automatic add not working

    I talked with the QuickPay team and seems Protocol 7 on which is built the current module is outdated, now seems they are using Protocol 10, I presume that is why the automatic credit add not working. For me at least payment works , but have to add manually and tried many ways to modify the...
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    Bug IMEI - Account Overdrive number is incorrect

    Overdrive client list shows 3 but when click there is only 1, so the count is not accurate
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    Bug No picture on order

    No picture on order
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    Request Allow to transfer credit fractions

    Allow to transfer credit fractions, for example if I want to transfer 0.5 credits to a client, it transfers 1 credit
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    Request Arabic support

    About arabic language its not fully supported...
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    Manual verification

    The manual verification helps me to make manual processes of the codes to which I have access, and I have the help of 2 other admins on my site, but the idea that I propose is, in case I am not, that a time is given to the Manual verification, if in 10 minutes example I do not answer the manual...
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    Request Change in Remotes Services

    It would be very good, that in remote services you could select a model and that the price changes according to the model in the same service, this would help to not have so many services at different prices per model.
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    Request Creation of other api connections

    I have a site from the same provider as Halab tech, and I would like to sell credits from my own site but the api connection is not available.
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    Request Send direct reply via api

    All I need to do, that I have some special programming, that do some stuff, and they should reply the order which is completed Something like, https://domain.com/api/do.php?orderid=4444&apikey=xxx&replycode=text&status=reply...
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    limited order/ service set system it's too better for admin, if possible do this method too helpful
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    Not a bug IMEI - Retail info cannot be added

    IMEI - Retail info cannot be added, unable to add retail information
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    Request add field option for tickets

    add field option for tickets
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    Request interkassa payment getawey

    Please add interkassa payment getaway (Russian payment system) Website https://interkassa.com Documentation https://docs.interkassa.com/?_ga=2.223505883.1727970894.1609762701-246678682.1608027939
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    Awaiting feedback service bulk edit option why removed?

    service bulk edit option why removed? example bulk service enable.
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    Awaiting feedback octoplusbox api order successful but credit not transfer

    octoplusbox api order successful but credit not transfer
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    Bug disable custom getaway multiple account

    There is option to enable custom getaway for multiple account, but there is no option for disable it again.
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    Request profit calculate for server service

    Fix calculate profit for server service, its didn't calculate the qty of credits
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    Bug bug in retail show

    in admin panel >>product service>> server service (or any) >>pricing >> choose any group not activated in retail >>Display Enable/Disable Service >> click active more than one service in one time like that video.. its not active in user retail