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    Bug (API) Answer empty when the order (imei + service) is duplicated.

    The problem is this: when an order is duplicated (it is in the process), when sending the same image again, the response via API has no success or error. Only after the order in question is processed will it display (api) a valid answer. This is completely wrong. For duplicate commands, there...
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    Bug IMEI - Account Overdrive number is incorrect

    Overdrive client list shows 3 but when click there is only 1, so the count is not accurate
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    Not a bug IMEI - Retail info cannot be added

    IMEI - Retail info cannot be added, unable to add retail information
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    Bug IMEi Client Unpaid Balance incorrect if invoice partially paid

    Total unpaid balance is incorrect, its not considering the pending/part paid invoice, but only showing full invoice amount, part paid should be counted in outstanding balance!
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    Please give option to hide certain IMEI SERVICE Groups from certain CLIENT Groups, one user group only wants to see IMEI check services and not other services, so lets say I create a CLIENT Group - CHECKERS - then from this screen if I tick Checkers, then they will not see this IMEI service...
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    Request Second IMEI Fields

    Want second IMEI Field like 1st IMEI. I have many services where both IMEI required and i add custom field for second IMEI but it's not check duplicate IMEI and also not generate last digit
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    Check IMEI Number and find out hidden info. Check hardware specification, warranty or BLACKLIST status and more for FREE. Over 110 mln checked IMEI's in our database.
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    Need improve IMEI Service Vs Server Service API Sync

    Why IMEI Service API sync also server service and server service also sync imei services. Why not separately sync? It just wastes lot of time while API Synchronize.
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    Fixed IMEI Direct Order amount option in Chargeable, also paid or unpaid option

    IMEI Direct Order amount option in Chargeable, also paid or unpaid option & username
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    Awaiting feedback some IMEI services, synchronizing with Server API Services, this only with other scripts API

    some IMEI services, synchronizing with Server API Services, this only with other scripts API see the mistakes all these price> API services are synchronizing with Server API, it shows that they are...
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    Need improve inactive service IMEI

    not possible move this on active service, why?
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    Bug Admin Error Imei Order History

    You can not search for orders in the history when filtering does not appear at all
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    Not a bug IMEI Accepted Show Random Service Title

    Please see attached, on most services when i accept IMEI orders i see the same ''Motorola Worldwide Unlock Code ( Verizon E4 Eligible ) #002'' appearing which is not the title of service id 277, and this Motorola Worldwide Unlock Code ( Verizon E4 Eligible ) #002 appears on various services and...
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    from admin panel> IMEI Order History> 2018 Current> all imei are displayed but there is no option to '' select all IMEI with one click'' ''select all'' option is missing?
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    Not a bug IMEI client CSV export blank?

    My imei clients are trying to export some data to a csv from our order history, but getting a blank sheet when open it.
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    Need improve need add search button in mobile version for accepted IMEI order

    need add search button in mobile version for accepted IMEI order, there is only extract button now
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    Not a bug IMEI Service with Retail Price Not Auto Change

    When imei service price changed, the Retail Price will auto-update as per as imei service default price. It was worked on old versions.
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    Resolved cant search imei services in the intelligence search

    imei services are not found when i search in the intelligence search
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    Not a bug Parameter IMEI Required ReferenceID 54380

    Custom field retail order showing subject error and no record of 12 digital serial on server? Please see attached Order was rejected and no notification to admin either! I have asked customer to confirm serial to manually place order.