Request Admin login should be super fast and required to hassle-free access.


System administrators are always busy, sometimes it takes 10-20s. Clicking double click on the Dashboard, refresh boring as slow. If highchairs making slow, please look at alternative charts. Or please check which part making slow. Most important, you need an permanent testing server where lots of orders and client exists, because you are testing new baby demo that does not have any loads or queries. So, you can't understand where is actual issue. Who have 20k clients, million of orders, there has many performance issue. Avoid random login: Required dual authentication login and login remember for x days based on cookies (Each browser per device.). You can given option 7/15/30 days, so admin can choose x days for remembering. Remember should be work even if ip is changed. Feeling security issue?: No doubt, you can impalement. World biggest financial organization giving this feature, like paypal, skrill, coinbase, etc. What will be dual authentication method?: This feature will work only if admin enabled .htaccess from server side (like cpanel), not dhru side. Support OTP via email such non-domain level, like gmail, yahoo. Google Athenticator. You can implanted authentication on dhru admin app, like recently skrill implemented. So, admin once set remember x days and not required further login until x days is expired. Once x date is expired admin need login via approved by dhrr admin app. Admin This will be 1st priority or alternatively admin should be access via dual authentication method as explained above.(Email + Google Athenticator) to set new x days for remember login. Above are actual CMS criteria for smart technology. Thank you for your time and let's see whats doing by DHRU team :)