Display License information like license key, license status, validity and allowed IP.


Reseller Store - Reseller store user can setup own store under admin system. can manage own user with own price and increased with percentage or fixed and earn a profit after his price.
Live Chat - Fusion Live chat for customers and admin can handle multiple chats
SMS - SMS gateway for order notification
Blackberry - Blackberry API
eBay - can handle ebay order with paypal
Supplier panel - admin can set supplier with multiple allowed services to handle reply code. The supplier will get a notification if the order placed by the user of his allowed services. The supplier can manage order same as admin from his own panel and can check payout and processed orders
E-commerce - Allow to set up and manage retail order store shop orders
Custom mobile app - Servers own mobile app with own logo and name
Upgrade Service -
Custom Unique Template designing - If a client wants a unique design in place of the Fusions default template we will design custom template.
Messenger Notification -
WhatsApp/Call OTP 500 Credits - credits used for users mobile verification on time of registration to avoid fake accounts
Reward Points System -Reward points system will allow the user to earn points by orders or by purchase funds. And user can use these points to purchase services selected by admin with selected point price.
Wallet merchant - Clients own wallet system to pay and recharge balance.
Payment Aggregation -
Support and Maintenance - Support services to resolve your query